Friday, 9 December 2011

With a single step it will change everything

Ok,i have found the light:)
but the question is~~~~~
do i want to walk in the light?:/
But it makes me feel so cozy..
hurm should i grab it?

let the  time give the answer:)

Thursday, 27 October 2011

You and me

We have been walking together for many years,
I thought u will be the one in my life,
I love u so much till one day after u have to let me go,
I have been trying my best to make ur life as happy as hoho,

But still u haven't see what I see,
And i admit,
I used to hurt ur feelings
Life is tough without u and I am falling down the hilly mountain,
And just trying my best to stand tall and strong,
Waiting for the time to come,
Will prepare myself for it,
Goodbye my lover
Goodbye my friend:)

Friday, 16 September 2011

My first Sugar bear:)

On the 9th of sept..
Serious ak bz prepare barang2 dier..
G pulau cari toys n supplement dier..
Dh abis pusing pulau cari kedai petshop ak g sambung kt kepala batas lak.. Hehee
Excited mehh~
Lam kul 7 gitu ak g ambil SG toe kt pematang pauh..
Syokk woo..haha..
Sampan jer umah ak bru teringat yg umah die pn lom siap lg :P
So ak kena pulun wat umah die sampai kul 5pg lerr~ hehe
Sib baik baba tlg gak kalo x...

This is da pic of her first day:)
And I named her Abal:D